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Storypark helps Outside of School Hours Care services build stronger connections with families, link children’s learning and development processes, and improve NQS ratings.
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Storypark is trusted by leading OSHC services across Australia
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More than just
convenient care

Highlighting the educational and developmental advantages of OSHC to parents and families can be challenging. Storypark offers a solution that empowers educators to create engaging content that showcases the wide-reaching benefits of OSHC, helps elevate quality practice, and fosters inclusivity for all children.
Increase in OSHC attendance for 
6-12 year olds in the last 10 years.
Services using Storypark to share children's learning.

Quality and engagement in one place

Storypark makes it easier than ever to connect with families and can lead to improvements across OSHCQA areas 1, 2, 4 and 6.

Ensure consistent practice and quality

Document and share learning

Get exclusive OSHC resources

There are lots of relevant resources right in Storypark, 
but sign up here to get exclusive OSHC resources as part of your trial.

My Time, Our Place

My Time, Our Place integrated directly into your stories and plans.

Weekly Group Plan with Menu

A planning template to help you create a comprehensive group plan for your OSHC service.

Risk Assessment

A template to help you conduct a thorough risk assessment in your OSHC service.

Stay connected with families

“Storypark has allowed us to share the children’s journey with parents, connecting with what we do on a daily basis which has provided families with great insights into our documentation process. I highly recommend Storypark to services wishing to offer high quality OSHC.”

Bev Book
PCYC Queensland
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Choose a partner, not just a provider

Empower your educators and grow your organisation with Storypark


Family Engagement

Families can gain understanding and appreciation of their children's learning experiences. Educators can share unlimited videos, photos and stories, strengthening the bond between families, educators, and children.


Storypark's Child Mode empowers children to share their own reflections and thoughts on their learning journey. This authentic approach makes the documentation process child-centered and meaningful.

Diverse Training

Storypark’s team of learning and development experts can help you get the most out of Storypark to do the best you can for your children, families, educators and organisation.

OSHC Pricing

We recognise that OSHC services have a higher number of children because of their sessional nature, so we can work with you to tailor pricing for your OSHC service. Plus, Storypark is free for families.

We’re here to ensure
your success

Seamless setup

Effortlessly get started with tailored learning sets and planning templates specifically designed for OSHC providers.

Supported start

Access webinars, guides, ebooks, and case studies to kickstart your journey with Storypark.

Build your community

Create a vibrant learning community, engaging parents, and extended family through news and discussions.

Effortless observation and documentation

Record learning moments with best-in-class observation tools, whether connected or offline.

Amplify family and child engagement

Encourage active participation from parents and children, with Child Mode and the Families app.

Limitless possibilities

Adapt Storypark to your unique needs with flexible templates and features.

OSHC resources

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