Data that supports decision making

Whether your organisation is just beginning its data journey or looking for more evidence to navigate opportunities and risks - Storypark Insights is for you.

Designed for ECE leaders, bringing organisation-wide data into one space that supports decision making and tells a story.
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What you can do with Storypark Insights

With reporting from across the range of Storypark's feature set, drill down to gain a deep understanding and start meaningful conversations with your teams. Find insights to apply more widely and, compare and contrast performance, locating centres of excellence across your business.

Make decisions with confidence


Why Storypark Insights?

Enabling leaders to make informed decisions, enhance family engagement, drive continuous improvement and maximise positive outcomes for children.

Built for ECE

Storypark is not a generic business intelligence tool. It's designed specifically for early childhood leaders with data and tools for the ultimate goal - to help every child fulfil their unique potential.

Ditch the spreadsheets and software stack

Effortlessly modernise and streamline systems with reporting and management tools all in one place.

New to data? No problem

Jump into uncluttered, easy-to-read dashboards - with support tools at hand to get the most of what you’re seeing.

Better informed decisions

Make evidence-based decisions by visualising progress and measuring the impact of your professional development, hiring and pedagogical initiatives.

Start exploring

See the solution that means less time wrangling spreadsheets and manipulating data, allowing ECE leaders to focus on driving quality and improving outcomes for children and educators.

Ready to unlock insights?

Join over 10,000 services and 170,000 educators who trust Storypark.