Recruit, nurture and retain your team

From induction to leadership development, provide your team with an outstanding experience and personalized plan for their future.
Bring your organization’s philosophies and frameworks to life with Storypark, or utilize our free inbuilt resources for:

  • Welcoming new staff

  • Nurturing aspiring leaders

  • Training new Educators

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Welcome educators to your organisation and set them up with steps to follow for success in their first months.

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Professional growth

Help staff identify their achievements and opportunities and set goals for growth.

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Using existing documentation educators can easily demonstrate how they are meeting goals and discuss their development.

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Set up leadership pathways with check-in stages to nurture growth.

Trusted by early learning organizations across Canada

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Foster transparency, accountability, and quality practice.

Include support staff, chefs and your wider team to motivate, support and ensure compliance with standards or requirements.

Our unique suite of tools includes:

  • Personalized development plans

  • Integrated induction plans

  • 1:1 or group coaching and mentoring opportunities

  • communities of practice for peer to peer learning and innovation

  • leadership development processes for rapid growth

  • prompts to support professional reflections and simplify process.

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Work towards your focus areas

Focus areas are used to identify the key areas that a team member will be working on during a particular time period. For example, these could be a practice, principle, indicator, standard or quality area.

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Cycle reviews

Assess each person’s understanding or progress towards set goals. This can include reflection questions, video or photographic evidence of practice, or knowledge recall.

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Check in with your manager

An easy way for your team to ask for feedback, organize a catch-up or check how things are going.

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Keep a todo list

Add todos for yourself like your main priorities for non-contact time, or for others, like a request to provide feedback.

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Storypark Educator Portfolios screenshot

Give and receive recognition

Make providing feedback more enjoyable! A tool to provide opportunities to recognize all the good things educators, support staff and managers bring to your service.

"BestStart is committed to supporting our teachers' growth and development. As part of our teacher's professional responsibility, they need to gather evidence of how their work links to the New Zealand Code of Professional Responsibility and Standards for the Teaching Profession.

I LOVE the Storypark tools, as do my team, as it gives us the ability to drive and capture continuous improvement.  We can see and capture the impact this has for outcomes for children and the growth of individual teachers. We work in a role that continually evaluates our impact so we need to look to where the evidence sits. It's so much more accessible now. I can review so much more documentation remotely and that can save hours of travel time which has been so valuable in Covid lockdowns."

Jane Burke
Regional Professional Services Manager at BestStart
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Manage contributors

Set levels of access, so you feel comfortable knowing who can see what.

Storypark Educator Portfolios screenshot
Storypark Educator Portfolios screenshot

Document your own learning

Create a reflection from scratch, or save a child story to your portfolio as evidence against a goal, making demonstrating your teaching practice much easier and saving extra work for you.

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Work on your personal plan

A central repository for documenting your learnings, appraisals and goals. Portfolio plans bring everything together on one page with the ease to edit, update and record progress clearly.

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Storypark Educator Portfolios screenshot

Increase Accountability

Create reports to see how much focus there’s been in one area of your teaching or professional learning over another, across different timeframes. Observe differences and/or similarities to inform your future planning, programme design, or professional development.

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