Record and communicate daily routines in Storypark

Streamline information

Bring the information about children’s development together all in one place, in a system already familiar to your team.

Improve the family experience

Make understanding a child's daily activity easier for families and more connected to a child's learning and development, with information available to guardians when they need it.

Share insights on routines

Add useful context or insights around routines for families and educators to support a child’s development.

Developed in consultation with Storypark’s advisors, Daily Routines will help you easily share valuable information and insights about children’s day-to-day wellbeing and development with families.

What Daily Routines does

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Captures sleeping, feeding, toileting and sunscreen information with a fast and intuitive workflow

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Families can access routines information when it suits them through the web or families mobile apps

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Educators can add insights or comments that describe the activity in more detail, or capture learning or development around the routines

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Integrated with existing family communication

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Individual summaries ensure each family's privacy is respected

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Digital record of daily routines for the centre

What educators say

"Loving the simplicity of the new routines, it is enabling educators to input routines quickly for both individual and group needs."

"It has made documenting children’s sleep, food intake and nappy changes so easy! It is quick and easy and available to parents instantly."

Request a free 30-day trial of Daily Routines

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How does it work?

Food, toilet, sleep and sunscreen routines can now be recorded by educators for any child at your service. Once you have access to Daily Routines, you'll find the Routines tab on the centre page, in each room and on a child's profile. Routines can be viewed by a child's parents as soon as they are recorded.

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What do parents see?

Once a routine is recorded for their child, parents will be able to see that on the Storypark website or Families app straightaway. This includes the routine as well as any notes educators have added. Parents can only see their own child’s routines.

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How does the free trial work?

After you’ve requested a trial of daily routines above, our team will be in touch with the next available trial dates. As long as you’ve got the permission of an Admin or decision maker at your service, you’ll be able to join the trial. Before you start, we’ll also send your service some more information on how to get started. As the trial ends we’ll be in touch to help you upgrade.

Is there a cost?

Yes. If you’re already a Storypark customer, Daily Routines is an extra $0.20c per child per month for all children at your service. This will be added to your usual Storypark invoice and billing process.