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high-quality documentation

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Story types are customisable prompts that guide educators as they document and share children’s learning. 

With story types you can have confidence that educators are consistently creating
and sharing high-quality documentation that best communicates and supports children’s learning and development.

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Build consistent quality

A framework that ensures the documentation of children’s learning shows a consistent level of competence and quality.

Build the capability of educators

Support the growth and improvement of educators’ professional learning and development.

Develop a better understanding of each child

Children’s learning and development are able to be supported and extended in meaningful ways.

Lift the professional reputation of your organisation or learning service

How it works

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Create your own network story type so that all learning services document with a consistent level of quality.

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Create learning stories, pedagogical narration, critical reflections, magic moments, anecdotes, educator reflections, child self-assessment and so much more.

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Storypark exemplars are our story types that are ready for you to use immediately. Use them as they are or adapt them to suit your needs. With 17 exemplars to choose from, there is a story type to suit a wide range of purposes.

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