Foster innovation and support quality practice through collaboration

A Community of Practice (CoP) is a private space for collaboration and shared learning that connects centres and educators all across your organisation.

It enables successful practice and innovation to be shared by educators, peer-to-peer learning opportunities, and a deeper sense of connection with your wider organisation.

Nurture continuous learning and development

If you want to nurture the growth of your staff and support a culture of continuous learning and development across different locations, a Community of Practice helps you do this more efficiently.

It also allows you to:

Case study: How KU uses Communities of Practice

Nurture continuous learning and development

Your Community of Practice is easy to manage and can be immediately set up by our Customer Success team and customised to your priorities and practice with the support of our professional learning and development (PLD) experts.

Educators access the community on the Storypark platform they already use and are familiar with, via their existing Storypark login.

A Community of Practice package includes:

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